Melvin Fleiser

Network Architect

Melvin joined Inde in 2020, bringing additional specialist skills and a history of 5-star customer service to the team.

Originally working in hotel management when he moved to New Zealand, the Canterbury earthquakes took a major toll on the local hospitality industry. As a result, Melvin returned to school and found his passion in IT systems and network administration.

Since then, he has moved up the ranks collecting many network certifications across a broad array of products along the way. During this time, he has become a recognised expert in WLAN, LAN and NAC. This dedication to networking technologies was recognised when Melvin was named an MVP by Aruba Networks.

Currently, he is enjoying the challenge of applying DevOps and network automation skills to his daily work and encourages his teammates and clients to embrace an API-first approach to traditionally manual tasks.

Outside of the office, Melvin can be found doing volunteer work, exploring New Zealand, or dreaming of weather warm enough to take his kayak out of the garage.