Scott Parker

Security Architect

Scott brings the same curiosity and exploration to solving our client’s security challenges as he does to finding new trails to unleash his mountain bike on.

Working alongside some of New Zealand's most influential businesses to enhance their overall organisational security posture, Scott has 15 years under his belt.

Since returning home to New Zealand 6 years ago, Scott has held senior roles with CCL and Inde. Scott’s constant focus is on having security-minded conversations with clients across all regions and within all verticals present in the NZ market. The outcome? Practical advice to organisations looking for security expertise and guidance.

During his time in the security space; Scott has had the privilege of working with NZ organisations in the following verticals: government, health, education, finance, retail, industrial and corporate to deliver outstanding service and advice to produce viable business outcomes on time and to budget.

Scott says, “My passion is talking to people and businesses about practical security initiatives and technology, helping them remove any industry ambiguity and focus on what’s important in their business.”

Outside of work, Scott is a keen mountain biker and is always looking to explore new trails!