Simon O'Sullivan

Network Architect

With deep technical expertise and experience, Simon brings the same willingness to get his hands dirty and deliver results for customers, as he does investigating sustainable agriculture.

An Inde founder with 27 years’ experience, from working through Y2K hysteria to dotcom mania with an FX trading company in Sydney and around Asia, several years working in Bordeaux for the largest eCommerce company in France, and working long hours to get businesses up and running so people could go to their jobs after the Christchurch earthquakes.

Simon loves the concept of “efficiency”, looking at a computer system or network and see it operating like a well-oiled machine and providing value to the owners of it. Values that drive him are honesty, and he really tries to be on time – although to be honest, he is often late.

Three boys aged between 7-13 that keep him busy and Simon enjoys MTBing, running, swimming, adventure racing and triathlon despite a low level of ability. With his wife, Simon owns a small vineyard and enjoying the consumption of the resultant product with friends and family over a good meal. It has ignited an interest in sustainable agriculture and improving soils.