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About Inde

Procurement Director

At Inde what you see is what you get. So, we are going to be upfront and say being a Procurement Director at Inde is a bit different than what you are probably used to. Is this a good thing? To be honest that all depends on what you are looking for. But not necessarily, hence the honesty required. We love it, but it’s not for everyone, so let’s outline the differences and you can decide what you think…

Autonomous Decision Making

We can’t claim to be a small start-up anymore. But there were some things about the start-up days we loved. No bureaucracy. Things happened quickly. If you had an idea, and it was a good one you could just make it happen. So, we made a way to keep all this. Even though we are big, everyone in the company has the power to make decisions. Yes, they need to be well thought out, yes you need to consult with the people who are going to disagree with you, but you have the power to make things happen. But, if you don’t like consulting with people who disagree with you, and if you’d rather someone else take responsibility for your decisions then, to be honest, you probably aren’t going to love it here. However, if you like to make things happen, and if you would rather fix a problem than complain about one, then Inde could be a match for you.

Every Role is Valued

Saying that we believe every person and every role is valuable is not different. However, we put our money where our mouth is. Literally. (Ok maybe not actually in our mouth. Eww.) Every quarter, profit share is paid out. It doesn’t matter what your role is, leadership, technical, support, anyone can qualify for profit share. We know we wouldn’t succeed without every person doing their job. We genuinely believe that, and we act like it. A director is no more important than a junior. They both can qualify for profit share, they both get their own development plan. They both play a critical role in Inde’s success, therefore they should all be treated the same and rewarded for the work they do.

So why do you need to know this before taking on the role of Procurement Director at Inde? Because if you want to manage staff to feel important, you’re looking at the wrong ad. And the perks, right? We all know that one of the biggest perks of working in procurement is the perks. Except if you work at a company that believes that every role and person is equally important, then all those gifts and “networking trips” belong to everyone. If you like the power, status and perks that come with a leadership role, then, to be honest, you’re probably not going to love working at Inde. However, if you have found yourself in leadership because seeing people grow and become all they can be drives you, then we might not be so bad after all.

Our Favourite Technology is Whatever is Best for the Customer

We believe the solutions we provide should be entirely determined by what is the best outcome for the customer. Because of this, we are vendor-neutral. If we were to sign allegiances and take the perks, our customers would receive what is best for us, and not what is best for them. Yes, our team have their own personal favourite technologies, but at the end of the day everyone agrees, the products we supply, and solutions we design will not be swayed by deals that we have made, where our interests and experience lies, or by our bottom line. They will be determined only by what we genuinely believe is the best for our customers.
Again, why do you need to know this? Because if you have your favourite suppliers, and you want to stick with those, or you believe the best way to run a procurement department is to limit your options to increase profits, then you are going to become very frustrated with our backwards attitudes. However, if you would like to feel a sense of pride for every single deal you sign up, knowing that someone else’s company is now better off because they dealt with you, then we would be a good team.

About the role

You’re still reading, that’s a good sign. Since we haven’t scared you off already, here's a bit about the role. We are looking for a Procurement Director to sit on our leadership team who will be fully responsible for our procurement strategy and leading our procurement team.

You will be responsible for:

  • Developing and delivering on opportunities and renewals within existing customer database and for potential customers
  • Developing Inde’s procurement capability and improving efficiency, ensuring well-defined processes and quality standards are created and communicated to Inde staff
  • Building and fostering effective partnerships with vendors and distributors
  • Understand and comply with vendor required processes to improve profitability
  • Assessing supplier suitability, evaluating options and negotiating terms to ensure Inde receives competitive pricing and support, and can, in turn, provide this to our customers
  • Reporting on key sales metrics to present to the business and for negotiation with suppliers
  • Leading, developing, mentoring and coaching staff, so they continue to challenge themselves and reach their full potential
  • Delegating work to staff wherever possible to leverage your own time and keep staff productive and engaged in their work
  • Attending weekly leadership meetings and regular strategy meetings

You will need experience in IT procurement (both strategy and delivery), existing relationships with vendors, and experience (or the skills) to lead a team. And of course, if it wasn’t obvious from the first half of the ad, you really do need to embrace our values. They are the basis for every decision we make, including who we hire.

Our values

Outcome focused: We strive to understand our customers' businesses, their environment, and the outcomes they need to succeed. We approach our work from the customer's perspective and prioritise results. The solutions we offer are designed and created specifically to meet the needs of each customer.

Specialists: We are a skilled team committed to being and staying the best in our fields. We use the collective knowledge in the team to understand a problem and offer a whole solution based on our customers business needs.

There for each other: We willingly share our time and knowledge to support each other; we share the workload and ownership, even when a mistake is made. We help each other learn and grow. We treat each other with trust and respect; we're friends and look after each other.

Willing to learn: We want to be the best. We value learning and we are committed to it. We share our knowledge and learn through our work with the support of each other. Our collaboration and our learning are not limited by the team we're in, there are no barriers or limitations on our growth.

Taking ownership: We take responsibility for solutions from start to finish. We're proactive, we use our initiative to step up and get things done. We take pride in our work. We own, communicate, learn from, and fix our mistakes.

These five values are the basis for every decision we make at Inde, including who we hire. So, if they excite you, and they describe you, you may be just the person we are looking for.

Next steps and fine print

If you think Inde may be the kind of place where you will thrive then provide your information in the form including why Inde's values resonate with you and what city you would like to work in.

Due to the large amount of client contact, many of which are in mandated industries, it is necessary for someone in this role to be fully vaccinated.

If you have any questions, then please email them to or feel free to call and speak to one of our staff.

As we are a service business, and ongoing customer relationships are of critical importance, it is essential that applicants have excellent written and spoken English and the right to work in New Zealand for at least three years.