Start your hybrid on-premises cloud journey 

Solution fit

The Inde Hybrid Cloud solution is designed for companies who would like to start the uptake of a cloud operating model but need to keep some workloads local for data sovereignty or latency reasons. We understand that hybrid may be a steppingstone or end state based on requirements.

Some questions for your consideration are:

  • Do you need to move datacentre?
  • Do you want to go to the cloud but not all workloads are suitable for Public Cloud?
  • Do you need to keep data in-country?
  • Are you paying too much for your current solution that stops you from innovating?
  • Are you limited by the capabilities of your local cloud\infrastructure?
  • Do you want to have Azure service connections to on-premises VM’s?
  • Do you have branch offices that benefit from highly available infrastructure?

Solution overview

At its most fundamental level, a hybrid cloud solution allows your organisation to deliver a cloud experience while remaining on-premises. Multicloud solutions allow your organisation to utilise more than one cloud provider in a single environment, providing greater flexibility and mitigated risks.

Inde's cloud experts work with your team to determine the best-fit solution to meet your hybrid and multicloud needs. Whether your organisation is interested in Azure Stack or Citrix, we work across platforms to ensure our advice remains unbiased.

Use cases

The most common scenarios that we see that call for a hybrid cloud solution include:

  • Healthcare providers wanting to manage their full lifecycle management with a single click without the risk of internet outages restricting their access to data that come with Public Cloud.
  • Government agencies looking for cloud-like flexibility while maintaining data sovereignty and keeping their data in-country for legal and security reasons.
  • Organisations with warehouses and distribution centres looking to manage all branches from one location without the risk of internet outages impacting their ability to deliver on time.


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