Providing secure, external authentication to your applications

Solution overview

Our team works with you to design, configure, and implement the way your users, customers, and partners authenticate into your API, web, and mobile applications. The three pillars of our identity solution are:

  1. A centralised identity provider.
  2. Seamless integration with your application.
  3. Custom user journeys for each type of user.

Once implemented, your solution will be secure and scalable while feeling like it’s native to your application. Our team takes a work-with-you approach to ensure the solution matches exactly what you need and that your team can support it after the initial implementation is complete. We leverage platforms such as Azure Active Directory (AD) B2C to deliver identity solutions.

Trusted management of identities

Managing the usernames and passwords for the users of your application comes with a high administrative burden if you’re maintaining them yourself. One of the key benefits of using a centralised, cloud-based identity provider is that your in-house team no longer needs to worry about the storage, management, and security of your users’ credentials. Most reputable identity providers not only securely store credentials but also handles things like denial of service, password spray, and brute force attacks. Implementing an identity solution enables you to stay out of the identity business and focus on what your customers come to you for while the platform handles the security and scalability. Inde works with you to ensure the solution meets your needs and conforms to your security policies.

As the central authentication authority for your applications, you can provide a single sign-on experience for your users not only within your own systems but by supporting multiple identity providers including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Instead of needing to create yet another complex password to remember (and forget), users can experience easier setup and future sign-ins while you can still create a complete identity profile with custom registration questions. 

Seamless integration with your application

Our team has the capability to integrate your identity platform with almost any modern application or commercial off-the-shelf software that leverages standard authentication protocols such as OpenId Connect, OAuth 2.0, and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). You can expect a seamless transition between the authentication process into your application. The profile information collected as part of the user journey can remain stored in your identity platform or be gathered from an external system so that you have a single source of truth for your customer information. You can also integrate with backend systems to ensure the information being submitted follows your internal policies, providing an error message on submission with custom responses.

In addition to a smooth backend flow, we can work with you to ensure the UI is consistent with your application. By utilising HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to customise each page, your users won’t notice that the sign-up and sign-in process is a separate system from your application.

Customisable user experiences

Whether your business has one or multiple types of users utilising your application, you can create custom user journeys to ensure that they get the experience they expect, and you get the data that you need. Our specialists work with you to define the custom policies for each user journey which can include building custom authentication, user registration, profile editing, and account recovery experiences.

Key steps that can be included in the user journeys include:

  • Inline verification.
  • Password complexity check.
  • API authentication on sign-in.
  • MFA enrolment.
  • Progressive profiling.

Examples and related content

The Identity team have worked across many sectors focussing on providing scalable cloud identity platforms that seamlessly integrate with applications and other identity providers. Some of the specific services provided by the Inde Identity team include:

  • Seamlessly migrate identities from existing platforms to resilient and secure cloud platforms.
  • Develop modern authentication policies including forgotten password, sign-in/sign-up, magic link, signup via invitation and passwordless authentication to enable flexible and fast adoption of solutions and products.
  • Broker and secure identity and authentication for legacy solutions.
  • Create custom branded and themed cloud authentication flows to ensure a quality end-user experience.
  • Work with Infrastructure as Code to deploy identity solutions using Agile methodologies incorporating CI/CD pipelines.
  • Create complex custom user authentication flows that can collect user data, federate with other identity providers and integrate with external systems using REST API communication.

The Inde difference

The Inde approach is pragmatic and agile. We work with your team to design your ideal solution that fits within your business requi. Along the way, we ensure that your team has what it needs to support the solution moving forward by sharing knowledge and working closely together. For more information on the Inde approach and the tools we use, reach out to our Cloud & Identity team.