It’s all very well to want to be different, to think we’re different and to tell you we’re different. But we wanted to make sure its true not only for us but for our customers, so we asked what they thought.

We’re pretty stoked with their responses…

Our customers on ‘What makes Inde different from our competitors?’

  • Very good knowledge of systems and good with the link between systems, networking and 365 now
  • Extremely capable staff across the organisation. Proper experts. Actually putting the customer first and providing real solutions for the customer not just tying the customer into a large statement of work where the deliverables are often not met, like traditional IT companies
  • Experts in subject matter (Citrix in this case) and trusted adviser on peripheral but related considerations and technology
  • Knowledgeable experts that are easily accessible
  • Inde differ from other vendors. They offer a team of experienced engineers who work together to see each project through. Inde design, scope and deliver a fully integrated solution. They work closely with the clients IT team to transition and support up to a level that suits the IT team. Typically a SI would want to hang onto the after sales support, however Inde are more focused on handing this over to the IT team while supporting and mentoring those that want to take on more.
  • This is my first engagement with Inde, but in my experience so far Inde have provided experts with relevant experience that know how to deliver
  • Number of available technicians with diverse range of skills. We are yet to present a project which Inde is unable to assist with
  • Prompt professional service
  • Level of expertise in products they support outweighs their competitors
  • Team knowledge, flexibility and willingness to find a solution all exceed expectations
  • They have a wide range of skills
  • Focus on core clients, not trying to do everything for everybody. Level & quality of expertise that can be made available. Observable all the time, even onsite BAU techs have no concerns reaching out to the wider team and utilising their knowledge. Other providers talk about it but often don’t see that actually happening
  • Smaller team, flat structure and directors that are ‘in the business’
  • Versatile skill set among staff members
  • Approachable, Inde work with you and this is from initial contact stage, no delay for paper work. A high degree of trust which is a pleasure to work with
  • Deep product knowledge and a start-up mentality (no baggage)
  • Easy to deal with and don’t feel like they are taking the piss
  • Knowledge and ability of staff
  • Small, boutique and staffed by clever people
  • Very accommodating and willing to negotiate especially when working with us to resolve issues
  • More personable engagement
  • The right guys really know their stuff and are willing to share the knowledge of why things should be done the way they are recommending. It’s great knowing and dealing with the same key staff. Inde staff typically go that extra mile to help when things don’t work out as planned
  • Inde is a team of engineers and deliberately so, which has its pros and cons
  • Smaller team, so we can deal with the same technicians