Delivery Management

Ensuring the successful delivery of your goals

Ensuring successful delivery

Inde’s commitment to excellence extends to our specialised Delivery Management services, which ensure the successful delivery of your outcomes whether these are being delivered by Inde, yourselves, or others. These services, encompassing project, programme, and portfolio management (3PM), are carefully crafted to seamlessly adjust to and support your unique needs.

Our team offer a comprehensive suite of management, leadership, oversight, tracking, and reporting services that ensure the effective execution of any delivery, providing clear visibility and certainty throughout that delivery. These services provide you with peace of mind in a highly cost-effective manner by aligning the level of leadership, management, and reporting to the risk and complexity of the delivery.

Precision in Project and Programme Management

Entrust your projects and programmes to our experienced team and let us take responsibility for delivering your outcomes whilst providing you with assurance of success throughout the delivery. We provide expert guidance and direction, tailored approaches, and collaborative engagement, ensuring every aspect of the project/programme aligns to and delivers your defined goals and objectives.

Insightful Tracking, Impactful Reporting

Planning, ongoing tracking, and transparent reporting are integral to our delivery management approach. Our team employs robust systems to plan, track progress, identify potential risks, and keeps all stakeholders well-informed through regular and insightful reports and consistent two-way communication.

Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Recognising the individuality of each project/programme, we reject a one-size-fits-all approach. When you engage with us, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you, your team, and our technical experts to tailor both the delivery approach and the management and reporting required. This level of tailoring guarantees that our services are right sized to the complexity, risk factors, and intricacies associated with each project/programme and to your specific needs.

Services We Provide

We utilise our own Delivery Management services where needed to ensure the successful delivery of outcomes. Alongside this we offer a range of Services to our customers that include:

  • Project Management: Efficiently handling the management of projects for you, ensuring the timely and cost-effective delivery of the required outcomes and adherence to quality standards.
  • Programme Management: Planning, coordinating, and managing multiple projects within a programme of work to achieve your specific objectives.
  • Portfolio Management: Strategically planning, overseeing, and managing a portfolio of programmes/projects to align with your business’ goals and objectives.
  • Consultancy: Providing advice, guidance, and hands-on involvement to help you put in place effective and efficient 3PM methods and tools, or to help you identify and implement improvements to your current methods.

Included in all the above services are Tailored Delivery Management Methods. Recognising the diverse nature of project/programme and portfolio delivery approaches, we use tailored and right-sized formal management methods. Whether it's Agile, Hybrid, Iterative, Waterfall, or a customised approach, our team aligns the management methodology with the specific delivery approach to optimise your results.

Team leaders

Meet the specialists who lead our Delivery Management teams:

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