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Making cloud a force for change in your business


Cloud computing hasn’t just changed the rules, it’s a whole new game  

The swift evolution of internet-based applications and services, combined with scalable and on-demand consumption options, offers organisations limitless opportunities to prioritise value creation, differentiate from competitors, and optimise business and technology. 

So, it’s not surprising that businesses are re-evaluating what’s possible. And if you want to put time and energy into the 'what', rather than the 'how', Inde can help. 

We change the narrative with our approach to cloud by taking an end-user experience first mindset. This means evaluating and measuring detailed user experience across core applications and websites before any work happens. Then as workloads are migrated or transformed, we can confirm at the point of migration that the user experience has improved. This ensures we are driving value for your business, not just ticking a box.  

As one of New Zealand's most experienced and independent IT professional service companies, our team collaborates with you to conduct functional and technical assessments of your business objectives, applications, and existing infrastructure. From there, we develop an outcome-focused plan that defines new possibilities tailored to your needs. 

Inde has spearheaded and successfully delivered some of Australasia's largest cloud migrations, including projects involving up to 6,000 seats across hundreds of locations. As technical leaders in our field, we're equipped to guide your business to its desired destination. 

The Inde difference 

There are five key areas that make us different: 

1. We’re cloud-native experts

Inde emerged from a passion for delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients, not just chasing revenue. Our foundation is built on a relentless pursuit of innovation, constantly challenging the status quo, and fearlessly exploring new applications of cloud technologies. This approach allows us to transform concepts into realities swiftly, without unnecessary overheads or prolonged timeframes. 

Our commitment to continuous learning and development is ingrained in our culture. Every quarter, our team pursues new qualifications and training, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve and always remain highly relevant to our clients. 

2. Collaborating equally, with no ownership 

From the very beginning, one of our core principles has been to avoid ownership of a cloud platform. We believe that once ownership is established, objectivity is compromised, and decisions may be swayed by financial incentives. By maintaining this agnostic stance, we aim to collaborate seamlessly with any data centre, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or public cloud provider. This approach allows us to take a hands-on role in every project, leading with the objective of delivering tangible outcomes.  

 3. We adopt a team mentality  

At Inde, our collaborative approach ensures that your users, management team, and support staff are all integral parts of the journey. Our commitment doesn't stop once your business transitions to the cloud. Through our continuous user experience processes, we remain dedicated to identifying and resolving any future changes, upgrades, or issues that may arise in the process, ensuring seamless operations and ongoing success for your business.

4. Our many hands make for great work 

With our Cloud and Compute service covering a vast array of domains, we collaborate closely with the entire Inde team. When a project demands expertise from networking specialists, database architects, or security engineers, we come together as a unified force to ensure stellar outcomes for our clients. 

5. Technologies/Services  

Our specialists have an extensive array of experience and qualifications across a wide stack of technology. Here’s a few areas where we can add value to your business: 

  • Datacentre migration 
  • Inde Cloud Adoption Framework 
  • M365 Governance 
  • Cloud Governance  
  • Public Key Infrastructure 
  • Merge, Acquisition, Divestiture migrations M365 
  • Microsoft Teams – Migration and Voice 
  • BCP and Disaster Recovery planning 
  • Cloud Migrations and rapid assessments 
  • Hybrid Cloud, Azure Stack, Azure Arc 
  • Identity - B2C, B2B, Entra ID  
  • Application Modernisation 

Your Cloud and Compute Team Leaders 

Meet the specialists who lead our Cloud and Compute teams:  

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