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Cloud as a force for change in your business

Making cloud a force for change in your business

Cloud computing hasn’t just changed the rules, it’s a whole new game.

The evolution and rapid delivery of applications and services over the internet, as well as the ability to scale, deploy, consume-as-a-service and on-demand, unlock endless opportunities for organisations to focus on creating value. Differentiating themselves from competitors, and optimising their business and technology.

Businesses are re-evaluating what’s possible. If you want to put time and energy into the 'what', rather than the 'how', Inde can help.

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced and independent IT professional service companies, our team can work with you to undertake functional and technical assessments of your business' objectives, applications and existing infrastructure to develop an outcome-focused plan that defines new possibilities.

Inde has lead and delivered some of Australasia’s largest cloud migrations, some projects involving as many as 6,000 seats across hundreds of locations, and as technical leaders in our field, we can help you get your business to where it needs to go.

End-user experience mindset

We change the narrative with our approach to cloud by taking an end-user experience first mindset. This means we evaluate and measure detailed user experience across core applications and websites before any work happens. Then as workloads are migrated or transformed, we can confirm at the point of migration, that the user experience has improved. This ensures we are driving value for your business, not just ticking a box.

We look at the process of migrating your business to the cloud from the point of view of your end-users – what is their experience when the change happens, how will this make them feel, what support do they need, how does what we do and the way we do it affect them? This viewpoint doesn’t just include what happens after the change, but the preparation that the change is coming and what it means to them.

Our cooperative approach ensures that your users, management, and support staff are taken on the journey together. This also doesn’t end once your business has been moved to the cloud; our ongoing user experience processes ensure any future changes, upgrades or issues identified and solved.

What does cloud mean to us?

Cloud computing is a very broad term, which is perceived differently across many customers. At Inde, cloud isn’t a destination, it’s a tool. How we define cloud depends on each customers' requirements, outcomes, and drivers. For some it is the ability to scale up and out, others it is giving the ability to fast-fail on new ideas. Our work with cloud across our customers varies greatly, from architecture design or review and implementation assistance to low/no-code automation/integrations and AI.

For us cloud isn’t even about IaaS, PaaS or SaaS anymore – what is now possible in the cloud extends beyond the traditional three categories and allows customers to truly innovate. Inde has a proven track record of taking an idea or challenge and turning it around into a cloud-delivered solution adding value to our customers’ business.

The Inde difference

There are three key areas that make us different:

  1. Cloud-native experts
    Inde was born out of a desire to deliver great outcomes for customers, not a revenue stream. We have built our business by constantly seeking new ways to challenge the status quo, finding innovative applications of new cloud technologies and not being afraid of trying something different. It is these things that allow us to turnaround a concept into reality without overheads or long timeframes. Our constant learning and development see our team achieving new qualifications and training every quarter – keeping on top of the new and ensuring we are relevant for our customers at all times.

  2. Never owning a platform
    A founding principle was to never own a cloud platform. The moment we did, we no longer became agnostic and the chosen solution would be biased by a revenue drive. This allows us to work across and alongside any datacentre, IaaS or public cloud provider with close engagement and ownership of the project. This means we lead with projects resulting in an outcome, tightly working with your team to deliver – not a 3-year monthly commitment.

  3. One team
    With cloud being so broad and touching many areas – our cloud team is backed by the entire Inde team. If a cloud engagement requires assistance from networking experts, database architects or security engineering to ensure a great result – we work together as one team to our customers. Ensuring that finger-pointing and ‘not my problem’ is never part of our vocabulary.

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