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A unified solution

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, it is crucial for businesses and senior leaders to stay ahead of the curve, to make successful business decisions and retain a competitive advantage. 

At Inde, we have a ‘with you, not to you’ approach, fostering collaboration in everything we do. We value integrating into your team to help identify challenges and provide solutions that actually benefit your organisation. Our collective expertise ensures we have an in-depth understanding of your business and its team, which helps streamline processes, optimise your operations, improve efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and enhance productivity.  

Empowering business success 

Inde can help your business unlock new opportunities by combining your existing data with new sources of information, to uncover important insights and drive better business decision making - from monitoring your IT-related resources such as cost and usage, to displaying business information like health and safety incidents. By quickly implementing proof of concepts that demonstrate the tangible results you could achieve, we enable your IT team and business leaders to assess value quickly and plan ongoing improvements.  

We also develop, improve, and integrate information systems using technology to perform tasks and processes with minimal human intervention, freeing up precious time for more impactful contributions to the business, such as strategy development, customer engagement, creativity, and innovation.  

Utilising technologies, like machine learning and AI, we also work with customers to build innovative solutions to tackle complex business challenges. Whether it’s surfacing narrative outputs from a video recording, or utilising object detection machine learning models to identify and count objects that are being manually counted by an employee, Inde can help companies get their heads around what is possible with these emerging technologies


How does integration and automation drive better results for my organisation?  

  • Time and cost savings with automatic real-time sharing of data across all platforms, minimising the risk of errors and inconsistencies, reducing manual effort, and enhancing overall accuracy.  Additional resourcing and costs are reduced. 
  • Increased scalability and business growth allowing employees to focus their efforts towards higher-value activities. Businesses can achieve higher volumes of work without additional resourcing, allowing organisations to scale, grow and expand without compromising quality or incurring excessive costs.   
  • Improve brand image and customer experience due to consistent and error-free operations throughout various touchpoints, enabling personalised and efficient interactions contributing to positive customer satisfaction.   
  • Consistent and compliant with regulations, standards, and internal policies through predefined automated rules, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.  
  • Enable your IT team and business leaders to assess value quickly and plan ongoing improvements by quickly implementing proof of concepts.  
  • Leverage a range of leading machine learning and AI cloud services, to deliver solutions that drive more efficient business processes. 

Our customer success stories

Our group of technical specialists lead the delivery process, so you have access to some of the best IT minds and expertise in the country.  Our integration and automation team has a wealth of knowledge and experience working on complex data integration and automation solutions and projects for organisations of all sizes. 

We’re humbled to share our customer stories and how we’ve helped them: 

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