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Solution overview

At the core of agile business decision making is high-quality, relevant data. For business leaders looking to obtain or retain a competitive advantage, data and integration tools are essential.

At Inde, we help our clients utilise their business data and innovate their digital systems to unlock their business's true potential. We can help you combine existing data with new sources of information, and present that in ways that uncover rich insights to drive business decisions. By quickly implementing proof of concepts we enable your IT and business leaders to assess value quickly and plan ongoing improvements.

Data integration

Our data integration services have been designed to help organisations connect disparate systems to achieve complete business information transparency. Our Data & Integration team will help your business gain operational efficiencies, reduce transaction costs, improve data accuracy and increase visibility for management.

Our aim is to create and improve the information systems of our clients. AWS or Azure? We are agnostic here at Inde. We select the most appropriate tools and platforms to match our customers and their needs. We do not offer out of the box solutions. Some of the tools we work with include:

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Logic Apps – orchestrate workflows to transform and integrate data from different sources
  • Azure Functions – code that can be invoked to perform specific tasks and return specific results
  • Service Bus – reliably send cloud messages (messaging as a service MaaS)
  • API Management – manage your APIs in one place
  • Application Insights with Azure Monitor - Real-time transaction and drill-down performance analysis
  • Azure Stream Analytics – get real-time data from your IoT streaming devices
  • Azure Percept (coming soon!) – Create custom AI solutions
  • Azure OAuth – securely connect to APIs with Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Power Platform

  • Power Apps – create a front-end UI for non-technical users to submit or work with data
  • Dataverse – data tables within the Power Platform environment
  • Power Portals – create customer-facing portals for your end-users
  • Power Automate – automate your business processes (similar to Logic Apps)


  • SageMaker

Bespoke connection and integration solutions

  • SOAP
  • Graph API

Cognitive services

At Inde, our team leverages a range of leading machine learning platforms to deliver solutions to our clients that are simple for developers to use without acquiring any machine learning expertise.

Some examples of cognitive services we are familiar with include:

  • Anomaly detection – identify problems and unusual behaviours as they arise
  • Sentiment analysis – detect sentiments to make better business decisions
  • Form recognizer – train models to extract data from your documents automatically
  • Speech to text – transcribe speech recordings into text you can use and analyse further
  • Spectrographic (image recognition) – audio classifications

Data visualisation

By leveraging leading data visualisation tools such as Power BI and Tableau, we can help businesses extract data and create dashboards that display critical information. If you want to monitor your IT-related resources such as cost and usage, display business information like health and safety incidents, or pinpoint key influencers and drive decision-making, we have the expertise to display the information you need.

We understand the importance of connecting different data sources to gain a more holistic picture of what's happening in your business. Whether it's coming from public or private APIs, on-premises or cloud databases, or a combination of those, we can uncover rich insights that can help streamline decision-making.

Examples and related content

Our Data and Integration team have experience working on a wealth of complex data integration and visualisation projects for organisations of all sizes. While not an exhaustive list, our team has worked on projects to:

  • Gain an understanding of how your company or products and services are viewed online by analysing online sentiments and visualising the data in Power BI.
  • Improve invoice processing and minimise data entry by training form recogniser models to extract data from PDFs and then send it to the relevant databases.
  • Create visibility and enable staff to record events in the field by using Power Apps to submit site visits, incidents, and sales orders.
  • Run efficient CAB processes by building change request processes for IT teams.
  • Improve the end-to-end process for deliveries by integrating scanners with backend systems to send data both ways.
  • Streamline expense claims with a simple form submission that is automatically created in Xero.

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The Inde approach is pragmatic and agile. By quickly implementing proof of concepts, we enable your IT and business leaders to assess value quickly and plan ongoing improvements. For more information on the Inde approach and the tools we use, reach out to our Integration  and Automation team.