Assurance through visibility and technical expertise

Managed Detection and Response

Cyber threats are ever-present and have evolved beyond what traditional approaches to security can reliably protect organisations from. Inde MDR is a comprehensive cybersecurity service that offers end-to-end coverage of digital environments to help organisations proactively manage their security, enhance their awareness of exposure, and gain deep insight into the threat landscape. We take a holistic, research-driven approach to building and maintaining resilience against rapidly evolving threats by viewing the world through the eyes of adversaries.

Our service is easy to onboard to and delivers a full spectrum of defensive services including multi-platform detection, incident triage and response, threat hunting and attack surface management. For those who require even more we can also provide 24x7 coverage, threat intelligence management and adversary emulation offerings.

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Security Assessments

Regular reviews of IT systems and policy helps to ensure that your operations are not exposing your organisation to undue risk. Inde’s assessment framework is built on a comprehensive set of controls derived from industry contributed data and learnings from real-world security incidents, and aims to develop a security roadmap that is easily understood at all levels of your organisation.

Our approach to Security Assessment engagements is both theoretical and hands-on, identifying security flaws, verifying the effectiveness of implemented security measures, and making certain that all measures will continue to be effective after implementation and tuning. All assessments are supported by Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) qualified engineers. Inde can also perform security and health reviews of specific infrastructures and services such as core networking and network appliances, cloud and server platforms, Active Directory, PKI, Exchange and SQL.

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Are you really prepared?

Nobody wants to learn that they were unprepared for an incident after they've had the misfortune of experiencing one. Our Incident Simulation service faces you with a realistic attack scenario, giving you a clear understanding of where the strengths and weaknesses are in your incident response preparations - but without the same risks that a genuine incident poses.

Our goal is to enable organisations to move beyond compliance-focused security and develop true defence in-depth: we value effective controls that manage real risks, not just tick boxes. The simulations aim to help grow your technical staff, educate your end users and enable you to refine your controls, policies and processes.

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Governance, CISO

Having a mature security governance model in place is essential to understanding your critical business functions, identifying vulnerabilities, establishing a risk management strategy, and developing a business continuity approach. With CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) level expertise in-house, Inde can assist with developing pragmatic governance frameworks and security policies which meet your business and legal needs.

System Design

Every deployment of a new service or infrastructure Inde performs is designed with a security-focused mindset. We can help ensure new systems are implemented so they are aligned to industry best practices to guard against known security vulnerabilities, as well as being positioned to limit future exposure to threats.

Remediation & Recovery

Even with the best security protections and policies in place, security incidents will still occur. Inde can help your organisation recover from a security breach by identifying the root cause and affected systems, restoring lost or compromised data, and implementing remediation steps to mitigate future risk of the same or similar events.

Security Awareness Training

Over 90% of breaches are attributed to phishing.

A traditional approach to Security Awareness Training has involved teaching users to identify phishing messages and punishing those who fail to do so. The Inde way is to empower your staff by giving them the means to report phishing and receive feedback, operate an interactive and supportive education program, and condition users through repeat, realistic simulation of the varieties of phishing that their organisation is being faced with.

Inde has selected Cofense as its Security Awareness platform as it excels at enabling organisations to tailor training to their specific needs with scenarios derived from threat intelligence. As well as being a platform for training, the Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) component of Cofense integrates with mail clients and mail services to provide security teams with a phishing investigation and response facility.

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