Intelligent threat monitoring and mitigation

Solution fit

The Inde MDR service is tailored to meet the needs of companies seeking to proactively manage security, enhance their awareness of exposure, and gain deep insight into the threat landscape. To help CIOs and IT managers consider adopting the service, they may ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are you familiar with the threats that your organization faces? Can your defenses identify and counteract these threats?
  • If you detect a compromised device, can you accurately assemble a timeline of the incident? Can you then formulate and implement a solution to resolve it?
  • Do your security personnel merely react to EDR alerts, or do they actively hunt for compromises and create new detections?
  • Does your organization have legal requirements or insurance policies that mandate you to exercise "reasonable care" in IT security?

Solution overview

At Inde, we take a uniquely holistic and agile approach to building and maintaining resilience against rapidly evolving cyber threats. Unlike many other services that look at the world through an engineer's eyes, we view it from the perspective of your adversaries. Understanding the motivations and operations of bad actors is central to our strategy, enabling us to act precisely and proactively devise solutions that mitigate threats before they can become incidents.

Our service covers more than just endpoints; we fully realise detection opportunities across cloud, mail, identity, and network, providing end-to-end coverage of the entire killchain. We work with you not only to detect threats but also to continually improve and refine your defenses through hardening and best-practice configuration, while keeping all stakeholders informed of threats relevant to your organisation.

Guided by our adversary centric strategy and supported by our passionate and capable security specialists, you can be confident that Inde MDR will help you to make your digital estate inhospitable to intruders.


Our standard service is comprised of multiple components which together lead to excellent outcomes:

  • Easy Onboarding: Get up and running quickly and see an immediate uplift in your capability.
  • Multi-Platform Detection: Combine Microsoft Sentinel and our proprietary tooling to bring together telemetry from data sources across your entire digital ecosystem.
  • Incident Response: Leverage our security and engineering expertise to deconstruct incidents, remediate compromise and implement effective mitigations.
  • Threat Hunting: Uncover sophisticated, lingering intrusions that have bypassed all other defenses.
  • Attack Surface Management: Develop awareness of the risk presented by the services and secrets that your organisation exposes.
  • Reporting: Receive actionable insight into global security trends and your security posture.


We offer several service extensions for organisations who demand greater protection and assurance:

  • 24x7 Coverage: Sleep easy knowing automation is in place to escalate incidents at any time of the day or night.
  • Threat Intelligence: Our extensive research and access to privileged intelligence communities and platforms means we maintain an exceptional level of situational awareness. If it's happening, we're on top of it and so are you.
  • Adversary Emulation: Continually test your environment with emerging attack techniques for assurance that your coverage of relevant threats is complete, before attackers are afforded the chance to test it themselves.


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