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Our approach

Navigating the complexities of technology procurement and licensing is no easy feat. That's why our team of experts bring many years of experience to the table, ensuring seamless management of your technology investments. Whether it's acquiring the latest IT hardware or making sense of and optimising your software licenses, we'll help modernise your technology stack to deliver the best outcomes for you, now and into the future.  

By partnering with us, you'll achieve cost savings, better visibility and management of your licences, and optimal product sourcing – all with a dedicated team of experts.

The Inde Difference

Personalised Service: At Inde, you'll partner directly with a dedicated team who understand your business inside and out. From the beginning, we establish a deep understanding of your environment and provide tailored, best-practice recommendations to meet your specific needs. 

Cost Management: We understand that managing your IT budget can be a challenge. That's why we work with you to project annuity costs and provide expert advice on your options at each renewal. Our goal is to ensure that your licensing investments are made the right way the first time, providing you with peace of mind, and saving you from making expensive mistakes.  

Agility and responsiveness: In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, agility is key. Whether you're shifting to the cloud or exploring hybrid solutions, we'll help modernise your licensing to deliver the best outcomes.  

Top service, every time: Our team is committed to supporting each other and everyone we work with. By focusing on the basics, we promise to respond promptly and go above and beyond to meet expectations. Our customer-centred approach ensures that your best interests are always our priority! 

Our services

IT hardware procurement: From end-user devices to networking solutions, we source top-quality hardware across all domains. 

We ensure that all factors are considered such as performance requirements, scalability, compatibility, and budget while collaborating with your IT team and other Inde technical specialists.   

Licensing and software procurement: At Inde, we're dedicated to securing the best deals for you, from software licenses to subscriptions and applications. With specialisation in Microsoft CSP enrolments, we ensure optimal outcomes by evaluating your software needs, negotiating pricing, and ensuring legal compliance while tracking usage. Let us handle the complexities while you focus on what truly matters: your business. 

Cloud and cost optimisation: We provide expert advice on cloud subscriptions, cost optimisation, compliance, and governance, helping you maximise the value of your cloud resources.  We work with you to decipher and understand your current cloud spend, providing a comprehensive overview and recommendations on where to scale up or down, helping to save unnecessary spend in the Cloud. 

Your Licensing and Procurement Team Leaders 

Meet the specialists who lead our Licencing and Procurement teams:   

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