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Meet Royden Burt, GM Customer Product.

Royden guides clients through the shoals and bars of enterprise technology licensing as skilfully as he guides his 20ft Bayliner around Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

With almost a decade in IT, Royden has worked for a leading distributor quickly becoming their expert for both Azure and Microsoft 365 in the process. In that role, Royden brought Microsoft CSP to the market for that business, becoming New Zealand’s most successful CSP distributor. Moving to Inde in 2018, Royden bought with him a deep understanding of licensing and procurement and now heads up that specialist team at Inde.

As impressive as Royden’s IT credentials are, what stands taller is that he has represented New Zealand at the highest level with the NZ Maori Men’s Hockey Team and the NZ Under 16s. Royden still competes in the Auckland Intercity Premier club competition, the highest division in the country.

If he has any time left, Royden can be found running DIY maintenance on his Bayliner, trying to keep the rust off the trailer, and just generally discussing boats.

Navigating the best commercial outcomes for our clients

Purchasing and managing licensing for your technology investments is a complex and continuously evolving challenge. Inde’s licensing experts come to the problem with years of experience, able to navigate the complexities of enterprise licences and taking away the hassle of managing renewals, upgrades and so on.

The rapid shift to the cloud, whether hybrid or public, has made enterprise IT more agile and the requirement for licensing flexibility and responsiveness. Hybrid and public cloud require a modern hybrid licensing design, where a combination of the available programs can be utilised alongside each other at any one time. 

At Inde we look at modernising your licensing to deliver the best outcomes for you, not just now but into the future as well. Purchasing your licensing the right way the first time will allow you peace of mind that you are covered for current environments as well as for future projects, such as expansion into the cloud. 

Personal, professional service

Rather than having account management and sales teams in between, you’ll work directly with an expert team who understand and manage your licensing. We establish and maintain a thorough understanding of your specific environment using our specialist knowledge and regular cadence meetings, allowing us to make customised best-practice recommendations.   

The cost of IT can be as fluid as the technology itself and unexpected renewal bills only make managing your budget more difficult. At Inde we will work with you to project annuity costs into the year ahead, and provide advice on your options at each renewal. 

As a nimble partner for you, not just another provider, Inde ensure licensing investments are made the right way the first time.