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Ensuring your business is resilient

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Meet Mike Fowler, GM Technical Services.

Mike applies the same logic to designing complex IT systems as he does to his aerobatics hobby; precision and focus are key.

After a farming upbringing, Mike chose IT at age 20 and never looked back. Mike has a varied background in IT service and delivery spanning 20 years including development, infrastructure management, consultancy and engineering; he brings a broad range of skills and knowledge to the Inde team.

Focused on delivering the best enterprise networking team for Inde's customers, Mike and the networking team have successfully completed many network transformations for some of New Zealand's and Australia's leading companies, providing the solid backbone infrastructure required to enable innovation within our customers' IT systems.

When not working with customers, Mike enjoys playing in a band, and flipping a Yak-52 aeroplane around the skies on weekends.

Ensuring your business is resilient

Your network has to provide a stable, high-performance backbone for all your systems. Inde applies our specialist expertise to help you set up the most cost-effective internet and WAN systems for your organisation.

Inde partners with your in-house team to deliver outcomes that guarantee network continuity for your business. We provide ongoing support services, allowing you to use our specialist advice, knowledge and thought leadership as your go-to resource.

Inde cover all aspects of traditional networking and can work with you and your team on whichever area is important to you, including:

  • Network Transformation
  • Network Consultancy
  • 24x7 Network Support
  • Network Transformation
  • Network Security
  • Network Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Local & Wide Area Networks
  • SIP Trunking
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Management
  • Design & Consultancy
  • VoIP

Our network monitoring and maintenance ensure your network is optimised for your business operations and that maximum uptime is achieved. Services include:

  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • Performance Baseline Monitoring
  • Network Traffic & Web Access
  • Analysis
  • VoIP Monitoring
  • Network Mapping

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Ensure a stable, high-performance backbone for all your systems

We can help you to set up the most effective internet and WAN (Wide Area Network) systems for your business or organisation.

If you need to share data among employees, clients, buyers, and suppliers from across your network, we can implement the best-suited technology to ensure communication runs smoothly between all users and computers in your network.

We provide the specialist know-how to help you get the most from your local network, wide area networks, and internet connections, ensuring a stable, high-performance backbone for all your systems.

We believe the true value of Inde lies in our collective and we look to foster true strategic partnerships. We are with you, in your team right there as part of the furniture, pushing, questioning, answering and suggesting. We build a joint collective with the power to truly transform your business, implementing modern and mobile capable ways of working with the added benefit of ongoing support services, allowing you to use our specialist advice, knowledge and thought leadership as your go-to resource.

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