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Solution overview

Modern Workspace solutions help organisations to improve productivity and collaboration through the use of appropriate technology. Core to the success of these offerings is ensuring that all services are underpinned by four common values – innovation, efficiency, choice, and security.

A well-designed Modern Workspace solution allows people to work anywhere, on any device, to an agreed and measurable level of user experience. These factors translate to enabling greater staff productivity, teamwork, flexibility, and engagement while improving security.

Inde helps organisations to navigate their Modern Workspace journey at a pace that is suitable to their business and technical requirements. These requirements need to be reviewed and adjusted regularly to ensure that they are still relevant to the organisation, and that the technology continues to deliver to them.

Putting user experience first

The key to a modern application and desktop delivery architecture is that it allows your people to work from anywhere, on any device, and under different operating circumstances. These circumstances vary greatly from smaller groups of remote or field workers being able to access council specific applications remotely, to significant, organisation-wide force majeure situations which lead to all staff working from remote locations, potentially on home computers and internet connections.

Regardless of circumstances, there are several key components when delivering a user-friendly Modern Workspace.

Modern Device Management

Device management is essential to ensure secure, robust operation and compliance in order to keep people connected with the work they need to accomplish. Inde can help your organisation successfully transition to Modern Device Management with Microsoft Intune.

End-User Experience Monitoring

In the connected world we live in today, users expect their workspace to perform. Through End-User Experience Monitoring, Inde can deliver clear, quantifiable insights into the user experience at an application-specific level and throughout the environment. Our specialists will work with your organisation to monitor, diagnose, and solve challenging end-user performance issues and help move your support from reactive to proactive.


Secure Modern Workspace

The Modern Workspace is more than simply SaaS or Modern Device Management, instead encompasses all aspects of delivering to the needs of the person that needs to accomplish work. Whether you are considering a specific technology such as Microsoft AVD, Citrix Cloud, VMware Horizon Cloud, Inde's specialists are there to help with the journey throughout the process, to not only deliver successful projects but to ensure an excellent outcome for the business.

Application Delivery

Any Modern Workspace exists to connect people to the work they need to accomplish. Whether you have a legacy web application that needs to be secured with modern multi-factor authentication, an API that needs protection, or publishing of sessions such as Remote Desktop Services or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, our specialists are here to assist.

Inde's modern workspace

When designing a Modern Workspace, the Inde approach is made up of six key building blocks:

  • Modern Desktop – Windows 10, MacOS & Linux
  • Modern Virtual – Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix Cloud, VMware Horizon Cloud
  • Modern Productivity – Collaboration, Microsoft 365
  • Modern Management – Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), IGEL Edge Operating Systems, User Experience Monitoring
  • Modern Security – Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Microsoft Defender, App Proxy, Information Protection, Cloud App Security, Sentinel, Identity
  • Modern Networking – SD-WAN, Secure Internet Access (SIA), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


Modern Workspace Pillars 4

Engaging with Inde

Project Delivery

IT teams are no strangers to needing to deliver projects and today’s projects are more complex than ever. Inde’s Workspace team offer robust project delivery capability through each phase of a project.

Each project with our Workspace teams follows a specific model:

Define Defining the desired outcome is key to setting an obtainable goal. Inde can help in this process to articulate your needs.
Assess A comprehensive assessment of needs, technologies and goals help align solutions with the business.
Design Matching relevant technologies and strategies with the desired outcomes, Inde designs modern workspaces reflecting the needs of businesses today.
Deploy Our specialist staff implement well-architected workspace solutions to ensure the deployment is seamless, efficient, and secure.
Handover Inde works with your team delivering high-quality documentation necessary for your team to fully take ownership of systems.
Support At the conclusion of any project, Inde does not walk away. Our team is there to support your staff in the ongoing operation of the platforms that matter to your business.

Specialist Support

Inde is proud to staff a robust team of highly certified specialists who are keen to work alongside your IT staff. Serving as an escalation point or sounding board to your internal IT team, Inde’s specialists are there to work with you towards driving efficient, effective resolution. As an escalation point for the tough issues, or when you need additional capacity to add to your team in order to work through the latest sprint, Inde’s team of specialists are here to assist.

Examples and related content

Our Workspace team have experience delivering modern workspaces for a wide range of organisations and applications. While not an exhaustive list, our team has delivered projects and support such as:

  • Tap-and-go session roaming allowing users' work to follow them across campus.
  • Virtual apps platform migration from on-premises to cloud control plane.
  • Multi-region load balanced application access with GSLB.
  • Modern device management transition from legacy domain management to cloud based device management.

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The Inde approach is pragmatic and agile. By working closely with your IT team, we ensure that your workspace solution can be supported now and into the future. For more information on the Inde approach, reach out to our Workspace team.