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Inde worked with agribusiness leader Ravensdown to create a workspace environment enabling them to deliver on their vision of smarter farming

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Meet Ralf Donkers, Workspace Director.

A passionate football fan, Ralf and his group of highly skilled workspace engineers and architects help our customer’s build high performing teams by making outcome-based workspace innovations a reality.

Ralf has over 20 years’ experience in IT in New Zealand and his native Netherlands. With a working history including outdoor education and high school PE teaching, Ralf brings passion and enthusiasm to everything he does. Finding his calling in IT, Ralf directs that passion into being an expert, working in the ‘workspaces of tomorrow’ and finding the best end-user computing solutions for his customers.

Over the last 14 years, Ralf has designed and implemented Application & Desktop delivery (EUC/Workspace) solutions for a wide range of customers including some of our biggest private enterprises and government agencies.

When not thinking about the future of work, Ralf is keen exploring New Zealand with his family, playing the drums, loves a wine and he is a passionate football fan.

Creating your most productive working environment

IT should be an enabler for creating engaging, productive workspaces for your people. What you provide should be there to support end-users in their day to day work at any time and at any location where they can be their best whilst maintaining optimal performance, within reasonable means and with minimal complexity and maintenance overhead.

At Inde we take a strategic approach to your workspace, we consider this essential for technology and innovation to have a positive impact on your business. A founding principle of our business is our steadfast commitment to remaining technology and vendor-independent. This approach to maintaining an impartial view that addresses your outcomes as the only priority, allows us to work with freedom and agility to identify and explore the right solutions to meet your needs.

Bring Your Own Device, Consumerisation of IT, Mobility, work-life balance and Cloud Computing are all key themes our experts focus on, bringing innovative solutions that are available in the market today to lift your game.

As part of this process, we interrogate advances in technology and consider all options when designing solutions for your unique workspace. We are continuously re-defining the modern and future workspace with the aim of making your workforce efficient, viable and productive.

We believe the true value of Inde lies in our collective and we look to foster true strategic partnerships. We are with you, in your team right there as part of the furniture, pushing, questioning, answering and suggesting. We build a joint collective with the power to truly transform your business, implementing modern and mobile capable ways of working with the added benefit of ongoing support services, allowing you to use our specialist advice, knowledge and thought leadership as your go-to resource.

  • Next-generation networks
  • Device proliferation
  • Secure access
  • Collaboration
  • Application and desktop delivery
  • Self-service

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