A career with Inde is an opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing tech start-ups in New Zealand. We are an experienced and dynamic team of specialist technologists who pride ourselves on our service. We offer the opportunity to be part of a highly experienced team with an emphasis on training and development, while giving opportunities to work with a variety of high profile New Zealand businesses and corporations.

We actively encourage a great team environment and engage directly with our customers for a more personable experience. Founded in Christchurch in 2016, our aim was to create the workplace that we all wanted to work in, doing work that we wanted to do, with good people that wanted to be there with us. By early 2020 more than 50 brilliant people have joined us in that dream. 

By the end of 2022 we are looking to add another 20. We hire great people whenever we find them. If you match our values and have the skills and experience we are looking for, we will make you a job to match.

Interested? Call 0800 694633 and ask to speak to the Architect that looks after the area of speciality you are interested in.

  • 01 Who we are
  • 02 What we do
  • 03 Why we do it
  • 04 How we do it
  • 05 We are committed to
  • 06 Why work with us?
  • 07 What makes it so good?

Inde is a New Zealand employee-owned cloud-first provider of enterprise technology solutions. We differentiate ourselves by providing in-depth business solutions and specialist product knowledge to our customers, enabling us to maintain premium knowledge and remain focused. We are recognised as market leaders in Cloud, Networking particularly SD-WAN,  Security, Application Delivery, Workspace and Integration.

Our Vision: To be Australasia’s leading provider of enterprise technology solutions

We strive to consistently produce great results for customers, allowing them to get the best from their IT systems. We work predominately with large, well-known enterprise customers both nationally and internationally – providing consulting, services and support in our chosen specialist fields. These range from enterprise WAN/LAN networking to SD-WAN, Cloud & Compute architecture, Application & Desktop Delivery technologies, migration, support and specialist systems administration.

Our Purpose: Developing a team of experts that together deliver great customer outcomes.

We exist for two reasons. Inde exists as a development house to grow it’s staff so that they can achieve their career goals. Through doing this we deliver exceptional customer outcomes. To us, these are both of equal importance and are the why behind what we do.

Our values are the basis for every decision we make at Inde, from how we work with clients, to how we treat each other.

Outcome focused: We strive to understand our customers’ businesses, their environment, and the outcomes they need to succeed. We approach our work from the customer’s perspective and prioritise results. The solutions we offer are designed and created specifically to meet the needs of each customer.

Specialists: We are a skilled team committed to being and staying the best in our fields. We use the collective knowledge in the team to understand a problem and offer a whole solution based on our customers business needs.

There for each other: We willingly share our time and knowledge to support each other; we share the workload and ownership, even when a mistake is made. We help each other learn and grow. We treat each other with trust and respect; we’re friends and look after each other.

Deliberately Developmental: We want to be the best. We value learning and we are committed to it. We share our knowledge and learn through our work with the support of each other. Our collaboration and our learning are not limited by the team we’re in, there are no barriers or limitations on our growth.

Taking ownership: We take responsibility for solutions from start to finish. We’re proactive, we use our initiative to step up and get things done. We take pride in our work. We own, communicate, learn from, and fix our mistakes.

If these values resonate with you, then you are who we are looking for. If you are interested in applying for any position with Inde you will need to show us why these values are important to you too, and how you have displayed them in your life.

  • Being innovative technology experts and exceptional problem solvers
  • Continual learning and developing
  • Showing leadership and taking initiative for creating outcomes
  • Becoming Australasia's leading provider of enterprise technology business solutions
  • We are a supportive team of engineers, with freedom to work together for the benefit of ourselves and our customers
  • We strive to have the best engineering team in the industry through experience and continual learning
  • We work hard, but we also know how to have fun
  • Our unique business model enables us to offer employee benefits including team profit share and be part of company ownership
  • For a select few (the best of the best) we offer opportunities to lead some of the top specialist teams in New Zealand
  • Recognised in 2017 and 2018 on the Deloitte Fast 50 Index, Westpac Business Champions 2019 – Champion Workplace, and award winning - Microsoft Rising Star, Citrix Networking Partner of the Year – ANZ, Aruba Top Reseller - NZ

We take our time and hire really good people, people at the top of their game. They may be early in their careers or they may have been in it for a while, but they are the kind of people that never say 'that's not in my job description'. They get stuck in, they do the right thing, are committed to our values and work hard to keep them. Our culture and who we are is really important to us and we protect it fiercely, which is why you have to work hard to get in.

Inde looks after our people, we treat them as individuals in a high trust environment, train them really well and make sure they have what they need to be able to bring their best authentic selves to work. After a year they qualify for shares in Inde, giving them skin in the game.

We only have one rule, internally and externally, which is 'Don't take the piss'.



Or, alternatively, call 0800 694633 and ask to speak to the architect relevant to your specialist area.