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Technically led, customer driven.

Welcome to Inde.

We're proud to be employee-owned and Inde-pendent. 

We pride ourselves on our specialist IT teams that partner with your organisation to help identify challenges, provide tailored solutions, and deliver exceptional business outcomes.

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Transforming Enterprises

Our four key pillars are the foundation of our commitment to transforming enterprises across the world with innovative solutions.  Aligned with our vision to be the undisputed leader in technology services, our strategies are centered on enhancing our unique, employee-owned culture, providing comprehensive tech services, and continuously improving operations to achieve better business and customer outcomes.

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Guiding Enterprise Success

Our consulting is more than just advice; it’s a roadmap to success. We dive deep into your business challenges, applying our technical expertise and a culture of continuous learning to guide you to better outcomes. By fostering innovation, we help you stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your business and customers thrive in the tech world.

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Solutions with Impact

We craft impactful solutions that drive your business forward. Our collaborative approach leverages shared knowledge to develop and deploy solutions that not only meet your needs but also enhance the experiences of your customers, leading to exceptional results for everyone involved.

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Empowering Your Tech

Our supply services are all about empowering and optimising your business with the right technology at the right time. We handle the complexities of procurement and licensing so you can focus on what matters—delivering superior value to your customers and driving your business growth.

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Excellence in Enterprise Services

Our managed services are dedicated to refining your operations for peak performance. We ensure that your business is not just well-managed but also primed for delivering outstanding customer experiences. By optimising processes and fostering a great workplace, we help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your business and customers.

Leaders in specialist technologies

At Inde we understand and actively invest in the power of the collective, it’s what we use to differentiate ourselves. Frankly, everyone has the access to the same tools as we do. What we do is choose those tools intelligently, exploring with absolute clarity what and where you are trying to get to, testing that with you and then working with you to choose and then deploy those tools to get the job done. We work with you and the best tools available to deliver technology solutions that meet your business objectives and address business problems.


Number 1 in New Zealand

Number 1 in New Zealand

SD-WAN Deployments
& Managed Services


Number 2 in New Zealand

Number 2 in New Zealand

Azure Migrations
& Consumption


One of first three Globally

One of first three Globally

Citrix Platinum Plus Partner
Networking & Workspace

What our customers say

“When it comes to specialist skills and Citrix, Inde are head and shoulders above anybody else.”
Andy CrossmanTechnology & Services Manager - Southern District Health Board
“At Farmlands we recently had an opportunity to take over a 4,000sqm warehouse next to our current premises at Rolleston. It was a project that had very tight lead times on it as the lease was secured at short notice. The Inde team did an awesome job to get it up and running so quickly.”
Peter KellyOperations Manager - Farmlands
"While we have had only limited engagement with Royden, he has in each of these engagements provided us amazingly speedy service and or fantastic advise, or pointed us in the right direction to get what we need, he’s always friendly, engaging and great value to us."
Nic MairBusiness Platforms Specialist - Presbyterian Support Otago
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2022 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry

Sub-contractor/ Small to Medium Enterprise

The 2022 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry presented by Hon. Andrew Little, Minister of Defence, highlight and reward the contribution made by industry to New Zealand Defence. 

"Inde delivered a stable system for remote desktop access, which is critical for business continuity planning and has allowed for flexible working arrangements. Inde Technology brought specialist expertise to delivering the solution, and ensured Defence was trained and supported to maintain the system. The company's focus on delivering value throughout the project stood out."

~ Kim Loughlin | NZDF End User Compute PM

Our Expertise

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