Andy Hemming

Network Director

With over 30 years in IT, Andy excels in delivering outcomes across Telco, Networking, Infrastructure, and Security. Thriving in people-centric roles, he solves complex business problems through innovative thinking. Starting as a software engineer, he specialised in developing Telephony services for the fixed line and mobile markets. After a short deviation for Y2K, he returned to IT and OT networking in the power utilities industry.

Having held diverse roles like Solution Architect, Design Manager, Delivery Manager, Strategic Planner, and Enterprise Architect, Andy's comprehensive understanding of delivering outcomes and problem-solving shines through. Despite being off the tools since his software engineering days, he possesses an unusual breadth of expertise and thinks outside the box to solve complex business challenges.

Andy, an expert at working with people, delivers innovative solutions utilising his passion for technology. He brings a love for meaningful relationships and heartful leadership to his work. His wife, a life coach and mentor, contributes to his personal growth and his love of gardening.