Anton Sounes

Workspace Architect

Originally from South Africa, Anton has 20+ years experience in the IT industry.  He started his IT career in the late 90s where his early professional journey took him to esteemed companies such as EDS for BP Global and IBM for Carlsberg in Denmark. 

In 2009, Anton migrated to New Zealand and began a new chapter of his career at Datacom as an IT consultant. His expertise and dedication soon led him to the Citrix consulting team in the Asia Pacific region. He worked for Citrix ASIA in Australia for two years, further honing his skills and expanding his professional network.

In 2014, Anton returned to New Zealand and continued to make significant contributions to various IT companies. Specialising in Citrix and Azure Architecture, Anton stays updated with the latest trends in cloud computing, ensuring he delivers the best solutions to his clients.

Outside of work, Anton pursues a variety of interests. He has a passion for photography and carpentry, and he enjoys adventure motorbike riding. Bringing a unique perspective to his professional endeavours, Anton enjoys continuous learning, adaptation, and growth.