Greg Riach

Canterbury Regional Director

Unashamedly one-eyed, Greg is proud to be the Canterbury Regional Director at Inde.

After returning from his OE in London, he found himself not only 20kg heavier, but also at the start of a technical testing career that lasted for the thick end of a decade – predominantly in finance, software development and managed network spaces.

During the latter stages of this career phase Greg realised that he was far more motivated by seeing successful outcomes from his projects than he was by the ‘doing’ of the technology itself. It was then that he moved to the client focused, general management roles in which he has remained since.

Greg loves the high trust culture that is fostered at Inde - ‘we only hire the best, and then get out of their way to let them deliver’. Being a fairly straight forward sort, the simplicity of Inde’s ‘Don’t take the piss’ rule resonates strongly with him and is one he often measures himself and the team against.

While he is never going to don the red and black, Greg loves nothing more than the odd game of pretty much anything – and more so the beer and the yarns that are told afterwards. His fascination with the NBA has never translated to skills on the court, and he can often be found being schooled by his two sons at a local gym.