Natassja Savidge

Technical Director - Integration & Automation

Natassja, a native of the United States, found her way to New Zealand just before the COVID-19 pandemic began, bringing with her a diverse educational and professional background. With a degree in marketing, Natassja initially delved into the technical realm through writing SQL queries. Her passion for data visualisation and process automation soon followed, leveraging tools such as Tableau and Python.

Her journey with Inde began blending marketing and technical roles, where she quickly demonstrated her expertise and passion for automation.  This led to her transition to a full-time position on the Integration & Automation team. Her commitment to continual learning and creative problem-solving culminated in her current role as the Technical Director, where she leads the team in solving customer problems and improving processes through low-code integration and automation solutions.

Outside the professional sphere, Natassja is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Residing on the picturesque West Coast with her husband, their dog, and two cats, she indulges in hiking, camping, bow hunting, spearfishing, and packrafting, amongst other outdoor activities. This love for nature and adventure reflects her energetic and forward-thinking approach, both in her personal life and her career.