Rik Roberts

Chief Technology Officer

Bringing the same discipline and accuracy that delivers bullseyes on the archery range, Rik has built his reputation as a trusted advisor across the IT landscape for more than 15 years. Based in Christchurch, Rik engages with IT leaders primarily across Australia and New Zealand and more widely across the globe, shaping and forming IT solutions, roadmaps and architectures.

Known for advanced problem-solving across technical and non-technical areas, Rik helps explore and drive new initiatives and brings a level of steadiness and clarity during crisis management situations. As one of Inde’s founding engineers, Rik has built and developed several of Inde’s technical pillars from the ground up until they were able to stand independently.

Having now taken up the challenge of being Inde’s CTO, his focus is steadfast; to continue to build new capability and to drive technology outcomes for Inde’s customers and of course, Inde itself. As the holder of a multitude of Microsoft qualifications as well as being one of only 63 worldwide Citrix CTP, and the only one in New Zealand - Rik is at the forefront of new technologies and continues to contribute his deep technical knowledge back into product development for better customer outcomes.

Outside of work, Rik enjoys playing hockey, field archery and becoming a muso by learning the guitar.