Rusty Ramser

Cloud and Security Architect

While not technically a rocket scientist, Rusty brings the same focus and discipline to our clients' problems, as he did working with NASA’s experts in the past.

He has 25 years of experience designing, deploying, and managing on-premises and cloud platforms in some of the most complex and demanding environments on the planet. Since starting his career with NASA, Rusty has successfully led delivery teams in five countries across a range of industries, while engaging with business and technical leaders to ensure requirements are met with pragmatic solutions. “I enjoy working on tough problems and complex deliveries; those are where you learn the most and bring the most value," says Rusty.

Having a work environment which is collaborative, supportive, fun, and responsible is important to Rusty—a good part of why Inde is such a good fit. Outside of work he enjoys travel, gaming, and good wine.