Steve Gooch

Technical Director - Project Delivery 

After relocating to Christchurch from the UK in 2010 with his wife and two children, Steve has established himself in the IT industry and is pleased to consider New Zealand his home. Steve began his career as a software developer and has accumulated over 35 years of experience working for end-user and supplier organizations in the insurance, energy, and finance sectors, acquiring a diverse set of skills in project, program, and portfolio management along the way.

In 2022, Steve joined the Inde team with the aim of supporting the various teams and ensuring that the company delivers excellent outcomes for its customers every time. He focuses on Delivery Management, which encompasses all aspects of the business, from Small Work Delivery to Project and Program Management, Portfolio Management, and Consultancy. Steve is dedicated to Inde's customers and ensures that all parties are content with their results. Currently, Steve is in the process of building a team of Delivery Management experts who collaborate closely with the technical teams and Inde's customers to provide exceptional service.

While Steve's children are beginning to leave the nest and spread their wings, he remains family oriented. Fortunately, his black Labrador, Hobbes, has stepped up to fill his cup, with Steve and his wife frequently spending their weekends walking on the beach and repeatedly tossing balls into the ocean for Hobbes to retrieve. When time allows, Steve enjoys cycling on the roads of the Port Hills, always making sure to stop for a cup of coffee.