Reece Mitchell

Reece has spent 20+ years implementing and supporting data platforms with a wide range of companies across New Zealand, from small start-ups through to some of the largest multi-national companies in New Zealand. While his career has been technically centric, Reece has also developed a passion for building long-lasting customer relationships, and takes pride in fostering relationships with people, even when those same people span multiple different companies. Reece is a strong believer in engaging with integrity, honesty, and humour to build long-lasting business relationships. At Inde Reece leads the Integration & Automation team, where he’s building and supporting a team focused on delivering successful outcomes for customers in the fields of data, integration, and automation. And just as important as delivering success for our customers, Reece strives to ensure his team have fun at the same time. Outside of the technology world, Reece is passionate about the rumble of V8 engines, he enjoys spending time with his family, gaming, mountain biking, and when the weather permits, he’s known to spend 10+ hours smoking BBQ ribs striving for tenderness perfection.


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