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Meet Rik Roberts, Chief Technology Officer.

Bringing the same discipline and accuracy that delivers bullseyes on the archery range, Rik has built his reputation as a trusted advisor across the IT landscape for more than 15 years. Based in Christchurch, Rik engages with IT leaders primarily across Australia and New Zealand and more widely across the globe, shaping and forming IT solutions, roadmaps and architectures.

Known for advanced problem-solving across technical and non-technical areas, Rik helps explore and drive new initiatives and brings a level of steadiness and clarity during crisis management situations. As one of Inde’s founding engineers, Rik has built and developed several of Inde’s technical pillars from the ground up until they were able to stand independently.

Having now taken up the challenge of being Inde’s CTO, his focus is steadfast; to continue to build new capability and to drive technology outcomes for Inde’s customers and of course, Inde itself. As the holder of a multitude of Microsoft qualifications as well as being one of only 63 worldwide Citrix CTP, and the only one in New Zealand - Rik is at the forefront of new technologies and continues to contribute his deep technical knowledge back into product development for better customer outcomes.

Outside of work, Rik enjoys playing hockey, field archery and becoming a muso by learning the guitar.

Using intelligent tech to deliver your solutions to the world

Customer expectations are increasing at a dramatic rate, meaning an unresponsive or slow website or web service can be the difference between success and failure. Safe, scalable and responsive application delivery whether it is your website over the internet, an internal application for your staff or systems communicating with each other is crucial to business success.

At Inde we understand the challenges caused by these demands and have practical experience to draw upon to assist you to unlock the maximum potential of your systems. Increasing performance, improving resilience and reliability, and protecting your service from attacks ensure the best customer experience your system can deliver.

Inde specialise in Citrix ADC (Formally Citrix NetScaler)

Inde are Platinum Citrix Specialist Solution Advisors and we use Citrix ADC technology. Our experts include world’s leading certified professionals and some of New Zealand’s most experience practitioners.

We specialise in the design, implementation, maintenance and support of small to enterprise scale Citrix ADC deployments for those that are looking to secure and accelerate websites and applications out to the internet. We can also offer comprehensive support for your existing installations, periodic firmware updates along with ad-hoc advice or best practice checks.

We can implement physical or virtual solutions and can configure and deploy any or all features including application firewalls, remote access, multi-factor authentication out to efficient load balancing, acceleration, rewriting, geographic disaster recovery and high availability. Because we know how devices work in depth and because our environment knowledge is broad and deep we are able to work with you to deliver the outcomes you first envisaged when you looked at your business problem way back at the start. Don’t let a poor config slow your delivery and hamper your creativity.

Citrix ADC Optimisation

We can ensure your stakeholders and customers are having a great experience and you are getting the most out of your investment. Discover potential gaps, review and optimise configurations, get capacity out of your existing servers/services and avoid unnecessary expenses. Vast functionality is available within this fantastic technology that we can help you unlock and apply to your systems to get maximum value.

Process Optimisation

Our expert engineers can assist on how your Citrix ADCs are managed and changes are made from Development to Test and Production systems. We can help answer questions like “How can I roll back changes”, “Can I test the fail-over process” or “Show me how to see who’s accessing our systems” and implement supporting practices and tools.

Strategic Overview

We can design a plan that matches your vision and define what role ADCs can play in expansion, increased SLAs, consolidation or shifts to cloud platforms. We can help you plan for scenarios such as these and ensure your company can take full advantage of the flexibility ADCs offer.

We are trained and certified for Enterprise Mobility, App and Desktop Virtualization, Networking and Enterprise Cloud solutions. We can share with you the Citrix vision and strategy, understand your pain points and present the appropriate Citrix solution for your needs including hardware and software sales and service.

Additionally, Inde offer tiered maintenance and support plans to ensure that you are not only getting the best support but you can trust your systems are optimised, secure and monitored.

Citrix ADC use cases


Protection of your customers and company information is paramount. By centralising your exposed endpoints to the Internet via ADCs you can create auditing, logging and reporting policies to record all requests for data. Applying Citrix ADC AppFirewall policies not only allows you to protect your websites and services from common vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) but extends much further into data leakage protection and PCI-DSS compliance. All this happens on the NetScaler itself, without adding any more load to your existing infrastructure.

Virtual Appliance

Citrix ADC is available in both high-performance hardware appliances as well as flexible software-based virtual appliances that support popular hypervisors and run on off-the-shelf servers.

Hybrid cloud

The adoption of cloud computing creates significant networking challenges, including the need to provide self-service capabilities and deliver elastic provisioning of application delivery services. As a software-based virtual appliance, Citrix ADC VPX enables rapid on-demand provisioning in both public and private cloud infrastructures. The solution’s RESTful APIs are leveraged by leading cloud providers to develop self-service capabilities and dramatically reduce overall deployment cost.

An efficient enterprise cloud network makes network resources elastic so that performance can be scaled on-demand. With TriScale technology, Citrix enables a genuine revolution with an unrivalled set of capabilities that smartly scale application and service delivery infrastructures affordably and easily.

Application Delivery

Citrix ADC delivers 100% application availability, enhanced end-to-end performance, advanced application-layer attack protection, and improved server efficiency – all in a single device, with a unified, easy-to-define policy.

Citrix ADC VPX is also ideal for small to mid-size businesses to improve widely-deployed applications, such as XenDesktop and XenApp, as well as popular applications including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Support for AppExpert templates enables fast and easy configuration for these and other applications.

Remote Access

Citrix ADC VPX can be deployed within the development, testing and staging environments, prior to promotion into production. This approach supports an improved assurance process and eliminates the cost and logistics of dedicating physical appliances for use within application development areas. ADC policy configurations defined in the development lab can easily be moved into production. The inherent flexibility of the virtual appliance model enables Citrix ADC VPX to be evaluated as part of the full application lifecycle process.

Benefits of Citrix ADC (Formerly Citrix Netscaler)

Citrix ADC is designed to optimise the delivery of applications over the Internet and private networks. Citrix ADC enables the data centre to become an end-to-end service delivery fabric to optimise the delivery of all web applications, cloud-based services, virtual desktops, enterprise business applications, and mobile services. Available as a physical or virtual appliance,Citrix ADC is an application delivery controller that:

  • Accelerates applications up to five times
  • Optimised availability via traffic management
  • Increased security via application firewall
  • Lowers costs by increasing web server efficiency
Citrix NetScaler is a comprehensive system deployed in front of application and database servers that combines high-speed load balancing and content switching with:
  • Application acceleration
  • Highly efficient data compression
  • Static and dynamic content caching
  • SSL acceleration
  • Network optimization
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Robust application security.
Citrix ADC are often mistaken as hardware load-balancers that can do some network optimisation and caching, however they are much more powerful and capable and an essential core system for a wide range of IT delivery applications.

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