Mike Fowler Mar 20, 2023 5:04:10 PM 3 min read

Stepping Back to Strategy

After 12 years building first Data Culture, and then Inde following our merging in 2016, I'm hugely proud to announce that we've built a truly self-sustaining, enduring employee-owned business, and that is allowing me to take a step back from my operational role in the business, while retaining my board Directorship to help strategically drive what is a hugely rewarding and exciting team and business.

Thanks entirely to our fantastic team, Inde is delivering amazing and impactful outcomes far beyond my wildest dreams a little over 12 years ago, and doing so with a fantastic list of clients that again defy my dreams.

One of our founding principles was around the growth and development of people - particularly into specialist technically-focused roles, and it is through this approach that we have maintained our specialist capability which enables these amazing results. The passion that our team brings to their own growth, their support of our clients' teams' growth, and the outcomes achieved through the technology itself has proven that focusing on our team and our outcomes delivers the best results in a sustainable way.

Employee ownership was also an early goal, and having a robust employee ownership model open to every employee that has been operating for 4 years now ensures the Inde brand will remain loyal to our team and our clients through the direct connection between shareholders and clients, producing both deeply engaged delivery and shared benefits of our collective success. 

So with a heartfelt "thank you" to our whole team and clients for believing in taking a different approach to engaging and delivering IT platform solutions, and taking on the challenge of delivering a tangible outcome with every engagement, I confidently hand over to our team to continue to grow Inde and share in the collective success of our culture, outcomes, and great relationships.

And it's definitely not "goodbye", but "see you around!"


About the author

Mike Fowler

After a farming upbringing, Mike chose IT at age 18 and never looked back, and by 2010 was ready to start a business focusing on delivering high quality specialist IT services to New Zealand's leading organisations. After 12 years operating in the business, Mike stepped back to focus on the strategy and governance of Inde as a Board Director, ensuring the original vision and goals are maintained as Inde continues to grow our specialist capability and deliver great outcomes. When not eyeball deep in Inde's governance, Mike enjoys playing in a band, and flipping a Yak-52 aeroplane around the skies.